Force Vent Fan Kit - FVK250

High volume air flow
Excellent cooling
Low Noise
3 Phase Supply

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Force Vent Fan Kit is designed to replace the standard electric motor fan cowel. There is a terminal box on the outside of the new cowel to connect the fans power supply.

The Force Vent Fan is intended for use when the electric motors speed is reduced using an inverter as the motor is unable to pass enough airflow to cool itself at lower speeds. With a growing need for variable speed drive applications, motors with improved cooling is important operating at low speeds. The simplest way to achieve this is to provide a second, small, constant speed induction motor to drive the cooling fan.

The force vent fan will aid in avoiding the following problems:

  • Loss of output power
  • Overheating
  • Nuisance trips
  • Premature failures
More Information
Motor Frame Size 250
Power (W) 185
Full Load Current (A) 0.67
Motor Voltage 230 / 400V 3PH
Fan Speed (RPM) 1420
Air Volume (M3/H) 4200
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