FCNDK-110 Gearbox

Ratios: 7,5 10 15 20 25 30 40 50 60 80 100 Maintenance-free Synthetic Oil
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TEC Motors worm gear boxes are constructed with an air tight and dust proof aluminium gear casing (sizes 025-090) and benefit from being able to be installed in open air. No extra servicing is required for our worm gear boxes which are supplied with synthetic oil and are sealed for life. Sizes 110-150 are lubricated with mineral oil and supplied with breather, drain and filler plugs.

Suitable Applications for Worm Gear Boxes
Conveyor systems, thermal power plants, crushers, cranes, bail mills, cooling towers and extractors. Worm gear boxes are commonly used in all kinds of industry including the paper, sugar, textile, solvent extraction, plastic and leather processing industries as well as power plants, steel industry and waste water treatment.

More Information
Gearbox Type Worm Gear 90 Degree
Output Bore Diameter 42 mm
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